Temperament Test
All new campers must pass a Temperament Test.  A Temperament Test consists of 2 Phases.  The first being social skills and the second being separation anxiety.  We go through a series of questions about your dog and how they react in different situations.  While we are going through the questions, our top handler will be evaluating your camper to determine if the test will continue with your dog being on or off lease.  Based on his determination, we will then introduce a few of our dogs, one at a time, to your dog and observe the social level of the new candidate.  If all goes well, we then examine the separation anxiety level.  If these two phases are no problem then your doggie may be ready for daycare.  If it is not so easy for your doggie we may have other options available for confidence building.

A Temperament Test gives us an indication as to the social ability of a potential camper.  They are not all inclusive for all dogs.  Many times we need a half day to a full day of daycare to truly evaluate a dog's total personality.  All dogs who apply may not pass the test.  They are still great dogs, just not candidates for us!  

Once a dog has passed the temperament test, it must begin camp within 7 days.  Dogs that are tested one day can NOT board for at least 10 days.  It must come to daycare for a stipulated length of time (determined during the test) before they are eligible to board.  After the camper has completed their stipulated number of daycare days (determined during the test) they must come for daycare at least 2 days per month to stay current in our system, and be eligible to board in the future.  This keeps all dogs familiar with the “pack” and the camp routine, thus reducing anxiety when boarding time does come.  Any campers who have not attended Happy Paws within the last 4 months must be re-temperament tested before their next visit.  New members cannot board for the first time on a major holiday.

Temperament test are by appointment only, and can be scheduled on Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, and Saturday’s.  The cost of the test is $20.00, and must be paid for at least 48 hours ahead of the scheduled time.  The $20.00 is nonrefundable unless cancelled 24 hours before the test.  The temperament test fee must be paid when the reservation for the test is made.   A written copy of shot records, with date given, must be brought with you to the test.  Records showing only when the next shots are due is not acceptable!  If you dog passes, you can apply the temperament test fee to our camp membership fee of $30.00 per dog.

We are currently not accepting any Pit Bull Terriers or Stafford Shire Terriers, or mixes of these breeds. 

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